Home Design Trends: Kitchen & Bath

There’s always something you can do to take your home’s look to the next level. Here’s some inspiration so you can add that extra something special to your new (or current) Elko or Spring Creek kitchen and/or bath.

1. Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets

The ideal solution for when you can’t decide on just one look for your kitchen cabinets. Use one color or material for the upper cabinets, or other large element, and another color or material for the lower set (think wood and white, complimentary neutrals, wood and glossy, color on neutral, or two different types of wood). Two tone cabinets will help you create a kitchen full of life and personality.

2. Workhorse Islands

Kitchen island with bar seating

Next, more than simply than having an island with minimal storage, try upgrading to an island that can be a central feature in your kitchen. Add deep storage, a prep sink, nooks for seating, and more to make your island a hardworking element in your home.

3. Statement Mirrors

Round bathroom mirrors with wood trim

Rather than settling on medicine cabinets in your bathrooms, try statement mirrors. Use large wood-framed mirrors, backlit modern mirrors, or ornate vintage mirrors to boost style and add character.

4. Powder Room Statement Walls

Powder room statement wall with patterned wallpaper

Finally, though small, powder rooms tend to be the most used rooms in a home, both by you and your guests. Using dazzling prints, textures, or custom graphics on a statement wall (or two) can take your powder room from merely functional to fun and fabulous.

Homes by Braemar are built with your tastes in mind. Contact us today to see how we can use the latest design trends to give your Elko or Spring Creek home a dream kitchen and bath.