Creature Comforts: The Best Bonus Room

Bonus room by Braemar

Rather than just being a glorified storage space, a bonus room can have loads of potential. Here are a few simple tricks to help you turn your Elko or Spring Creek bonus room from an underused space into one you’ll love to spend time in.

1. Use Natural Light

Bonus room with floor to ceiling windows by Braemar

First, use natural light. Putting your main socializing area in a spot that is bright and welcoming will draw people in and make your bonus room more inviting.

2. Choose Your TV Spot Wisely

TV in a bonus room with a vaulted ceiling

Second, think about where your TV will go in your new bonus room. If you put your TV area in a slightly darker spot, this will reduce glare and add to the home theater experience.

3. Make Room for Food

Mini bar, mini fridge, and wine rack in a bonus room by Braemar

When planning your bonus room, remember that you don’t need a full kitchen for it to be welcoming. Be sure to arrange your bonus room so you have space for a mini fridge, snack cabinets, and even a microwave to meet entertainment needs.

4. Save Space for Play

A pool table in a home's bonus room

Fourth, if your bonus room will be used for gaming, remember that game tables take up a lot of room. When planning your bonus room’s layout, leave clearance for the surface and enough space to have fun with it safely.

5. Choose the Best Flooring

An upstairs bonus room with carpet flooring

Finally, your bonus room’s flooring should be appropriate for the room’s use. A bonus room used for entertainment can produce a lot of noise (albeit of the joyful variety). Wall-to-wall carpet is a good choice for deadening sound while not sacrificing comfort.

Whether you’re remodeling your existing bonus room in Elko or Spring Creek, or planning for a bonus room in your new home, let Braemar help you get the most out of your home’s features. Contact us today to see how.